Is Satin Good For A Summer Wedding?

Is Satin Good For A Summer Wedding?

Fashion is something that can’t be stopped. What you desire and what you wear entirely depend on the season. Being winter at its end it’s time to fill our wardrobe with new summer pastel wedding clothes. 

On one hand, wearing a cotton dress and on the other hand, a satin dress, what do you think will seem comfortable? Cotton dress, of course! The comfortability of the fabric does not depend on its length, it depends on the weaving of the fabric and its composition.

However, today we are going to discuss whether satin is a better option than any other fabric

History of Satin

Satin Fabric

Originated from China, Satin is one of the most smooth and silky fabrics to be used in fancy dresses and gowns. The main originality of satin was the 5-end wrap weaved during the dynasty of Northern Song. `

During the cultivation of silk, the process became widespread that even a peasant woman used silk to master the craft of weaving the satin. In the 12th century, Italy became the 1st country to produce satin and by mid - the 14th century, it became available all across Europe. However, using silk made the fabric expensive so it was reserved only for the upper class.

Satin Weave

Satin Weave

The knitting of satin can be distinguished by the weft of three or more threads going over or opposite of another thread. During the process of weaving the threads are halted so that they can be woven over and beneath the weft. 

Satin consists of numerous variations still it has a long, unbroken yarn that shines and gives a shimmering effect on its surface. 

Whilst the front side of the satin looks and feels luxurious, the backside of the fabric looks the opposite. This is due to the procedure of weaving the cloth, as it makes the final fabric much more lustrous. 

Why is Satin a Good Option?

Satin Fabric

Satin is best for a women’s wardrobe, from wedding dresses to office blouses. It unfolds its charm and captivates you from the moment you wear it. Outfits made of satin give the feeling of heaven and even look like it!

What makes it so adorable?

The outfits of satin are hypoallergenic, breathable, and absorbent in nature. They also have a satisfying luster and do not attract static electricity. 

Satin is a good option for home decors like crafting fabric flowers or wedding favors. The crepe satin fabric is a lightweight fabric that compliments vintage designs and period styling. The fabric creates a special contrasting texture which makes it go with other dressy fabrics. The appearance of fabric looks contrasting as a lining for jackets or capes. The most durable version of satin, “Slipper satin” is most commonly used for making formal attire as it has a high thread count.  

Due to its shiny look, you can wear a satin saree at a wedding. The main explanation for carrying a satin saree in summer is by distinguishing each element similar to an ordinary saree.  

When all its layers are elemented properly, a magnificent sense of style will appear which will make you comfortable too. 

Why is Satin Not a Good Option? 

Satin Weave

In summers, the satin fabric will not let you breathe as they tend to heat up fast. Satin has a slippery texture which makes it difficult to work and it takes time to perfect the art of stitching satin. Satin silk fabric is much more delicate than any other fabric and can be easily prone to snag or thread pull which can ruin your fabric. 

Whereas synthetic silk is weaved closely and can’t be washed in washing machines, they are required to be dry cleaned. When we say synthetic it includes acetate and nylon, wherein acetate is a flammable fabric. Satin can’t be used for making outfits for kids or for decoration for places where these could easily be exposed to flame.  

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