Banarasi Fabric

Banarasi Fabric

What is Banarasi Silk Fabric? 

  • Banarasi silk fabric is a fine quality silk variant originating from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Banarasi silk has its roots deep in the rich history of India. 
  • Saree woven from silk is known as Banarasi silk Saree, which is an extremely famous fabric all over India and the world.
  • Originally designed for royalty, Banarasi fabric was designed with pure gold and silver threads, taking more than a year to make.  
Banarasi Fabric


  • Banarasi silk is a great example of magnificent artistry.
  • Such art was brought to India by Mughals, as they tried their best to glorify the art of crafting and weaving. 
  • Before that Banarasi sarees were imported from China.
  • Throughout this, they inspired several artisans to operate in intricate art.
  • Also at that time, Persian motifs were mixed with the Indian attires.
Banarasi Fabric Online

Types of Banarasi Fabric


It is a type of silk that is made by twisting the filaments of silk together, resulting in durable and sturdy fabric. Banarasi Katan silk sarees are the most popular type of fabric and are essential for the bridal trousseau. 

Kora Organza

Kora silk is also known as organza, it is used in designing comfy and lightweight outfits. It is a thin sheer fabric of silk. 

Khadi Georgette

Banarasi Khadi georgette fabric is a sheer and lightweight fabric. It is made by twisting yarns giving the fabric a crinkly surface. The fabric has a thick ply which makes it heavy and more durable. 


It is also known as Ghicha silk, which is produced from the larvae of several silkworms. Tussar silk is admired for its rich texture and natural golden color. 

What Makes it Stand Out


Soft with little weight






Falls around the outfit quite well

Applications / Usage 


Saree, lehenga, blouse, etc.


Stoles, etc


Curtains, cushion covers, etc.

New Age Innovations

  • Banarasi outfits are creating a new platform in the fashion industry.
  • Young designers are giving new designs to the Banarasi silk that is giving new heights to the present era. 
  • Hotels and resorts are using Banarasi fabric for decoration. 
  • Bollywood stars are using traditional sarees for picturing the festival and wedding scenarios.  
Banarasi Saree

How to Judge the Authenticity of Banarasi 

Burn test

  • Take a few threads from the banarasi silk material and burn them. 
  • Pure Banarasi silk fabric will burn and release a burning smell similar to burnt hair. 
  • When the corners of banarasi fabric are burnt, the flame remains invisible,
  • The fabric will stop burning as soon as the flame is removed. 
Banarasi Fabric

Care Instructions 

  • Wash Banarasi silk fabric in cold water with mild detergents.
  • Do not dry the fabric under direct sunlight, prefer to dry it inside. 
  • Exposing the fabric to direct sunlight can cause fading of color. 
  • Use iron on medium heat to remove the creases. 
Banarasi Fabric
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