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What is Muga Silk? 

  • One of the rarest silk in the world is Muga silk originated from Assam. 
  • The fact that makes it distinct from other silk fabrics is its golden yellow color. 
  • So does the name originate, as yellow in Assamese means ‘Muga’. 
  • The main source for making this fabric goes back to the period of dinosaurs, it is so delicate that it can’t even tolerate a little bit amount of pollution. 
  • It is made from ‘Antheraea assamensis’ which are semi-cultivated silkworms and are the strongest natural fibers.
  • Muga silk prices were extremely high and only products for the upper class were made. 
Muga Silk


  • According to the past records the weaving of Muga silk has been traced back from 1228 to 1828 during the reign of Ahom. 
  • The Ahom rulers prioritized the growth of Muga as an industry. 
  • They made it mandatory for all the higher officials in their kingdom to wear adorn clothes made from Muga silk
  • Several looms of Muga were under royal supervision and were famously known as Rajaghoria looms. 
Muga Silk Online

What Makes it Stand Out


The Golden Muga silk fabric consists of a smooth texture, is extremely soft, and highly lustrous. It gently caresses your skin and makes your body breathe easily. 


The fabric does not comprise any chemicals and is made up of natural fibers. It consists of 97% proteins and the rest of wax and fat. 


It is the most comfortable fabric available that repels dust, fungus, and other such pollutants. 


Muga fabric helps in decreasing the skin moisture and stimulates the skin and delays signs of aging 

Application & Usage 


Sarees, Kurtas, Bridal wear, etc.


Hats, scarfs, quilts, etc.


Cushion cover, curtains, sofa cover, etc.

How to Judge the Authenticity 

  • You can check the authenticity of the Muga silk fabric by using a microscope. 
  • However, during the time of production, people perform a strict quality check from which they hand out the GI status of the fabric that ensures the originality of the product you are holding.
Muga Silk Fabric

Care Instructions 

  • It is recommended to dry clean the Muga silk fabric for the first few washes. 
  • In case you are washing it at home, then wash it with cold water and mild detergent. 
  • Do not apply soap for the first few washes.
  • It is recommended to keep Muga fabric, especially Muga banarasi fabric in a separate bag. 
Muga Silk Fabric Online
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