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What is Mashru? 

  • Mashru Fabric is a handwoven textile made with combining cotton and silk. 
  • The term ‘Mashru’ means ‘Permitted’ in Arabic and ‘Mixed’ in Sanskrit.
  • It has characteristics like fine satin texture, vibrant contrasting stripes and Ikat weave.
  • Mashru fabric is mainly manufacturerd in Mandvi and Patan areas of Gujarat. 
Mashru Fabric


  • The weave of the Mashru fabric is said to be originated from West Asia during 19th Century.
  • It is an old tradition within India and is known as a famous textile for Gulf nations and Ottoman empire. 
  • The production of Silk got banned as it was made by killing silkworms which led to the origin of Mashru Silk.
  • As it is made from the silk exterior and the interior fabric which keeps in contact with skin is made from cotton. 
  • Slowly Mashru became famous in Persia and many Mediterranean nations as they give freedom to wear clothes made from silk.
  • With time it became part of many peoples lifestyle including Kutch Nomads.
Mashru Fabric Online

What Makes it Stand Out


Smooth like silk




Gives a great amount of draping



Application & Usage 


Blouse, Lehengas, etc. 


Bags, etc. 


Quilts, cushions, etc. 

New Age Innovations 

  • Currently Mashru fabric is made in machine looms rather than handlooms, as it has turned into an expensive business.
  • Craftsman are moving towards a budget-friendly process for designing mashru fabric.
  • Instead of pure silk they are sing rayon and other synthetic fibers which will result in low-cost fabric
  • Combined with stripes and Ikat, Mashru is made with solid color palette. 
  • The skilled artisans are switching their pattern by blending Bandhani with Ikat. 
Mashru Fabric

Care Instructions 

  • Mashru silk is comparatively much easier to maintain than pure silk.
  • However, prefer to wash it in cold water with slow rinse cycle. 
  • Do not dry the fabric under direct sunlight as it will take away the glossiness of the fabric. 
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