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Cotton Duck Fabric

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What is Cotton Duck Fabric?

  • Cotton duck, often known as duck, duck cloth, or duck canvas, is a strong, plain-woven cotton fabric.
  • The weave of duck canvas is much denser than that of the ordinary canvas.
  • Weaving duck fabric involves combining two yarns into a single one for the warp while using only one yarn for the weft.
  • Duck cloth may be rendered water-resistant with the application of wax.
  • Due to the fact that it is so durable, it is often referred to as Workwear fabric.
Cotton Duck Fabric


  • The term "duck" originates from the Dutch word "doek," which refers to a kind of canvas fabric that was traditionally used by Dutch sailors as jackets and trousers while serving in the navy. 
  • Duck fabric, in contrast to canvas, is a simple, densely woven fabric that is made from two thick yarns that are coiled together to create a dense weave. 
Cotton Duck Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out 


The fabric is not suitable for draping.


The duck fabric is dull in appearance and does not possess any shimmer. 


A major characteristic of duck cloth is its resistance to wear and tear. Duck cloth's tight weave and cotton's inherent durability make it as sturdy as possible.


Duck cloth has a smooth, uniform surface, with the threads closely spaced. It grows softer with usage and washing, just like any other cotton fabric.

Applications & Uses 


Shirts, coats, etc.


Tents, sandbags, backpacks, shoes, etc.


Curtains, bedsheets, etc.

Care Instructions

  • Cold water should be used for washing duck fabric.
  • You can either air dry or tumble dry without using heat.
  • When cleaning fabric, do not use bleach as it may damage the fabric.
  • During the washing or cleaning procedure, no assurances can be offered as to colorfastness or color transference.
Cotton Duck Fabric

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David Eggert

David Eggert

I would like to use this material to make a cover for either a poly fill or memory foam cushion for dogs who seem to be able to tear every other cover.

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