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Dotted Swiss Fabric

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What is Dotted Swiss Fabric?

  • A fabric made of translucent cotton that is dotted all over with tiny dots is called dotted Swiss.
  • It is a fine cotton fabric with a simple weave that is lightweight, and it is embellished with embroidery or flocking that has dotted designs.
  • The series of dots may be done in a number of different ways and colors. Dots may be placed in a pattern that ranges from regular to irregular, and they can be a single color or many colors.
  • The dots might have the same color as the ground, but they could also have a distinct hue.
Dotted Swiss


  • In Switzerland, the cloth was woven by hand on looms that were operated by hand. It is believed that the pattern was created about the year 1750 in St. Gallen, Switzerland, which became known as a hub for textile production in the 15th century.
  • Cotton was used in its production, and handlooms were used to create a fabric that measured 32 inches across.
  • The dots were originally made using a process called swivel weaving, which was a kind of weaving that enabled multicolored motifs to be woven into a foundation fabric
  • This method of weaving was progressively phased out in favor of others, such as embroidery, flocking, and printing, amongst others.
  • In today's world, mixed fabrics may also be used to form dotted swiss, which is a popular pattern.
Dotted Swiss Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out


It is a light-weighted fabric, with a smooth and raised texture.


Dotted swiss fabric gives a good drape.


The fabric is comfy and breathable with a classy appearance.

Applications & Usage 


Blouses, dresses, shirts, wedding outfits, etc.

Home Furnishing

Curtains, bedsheets, bedlinens, etc.

New Age Innovations

  • In the past, dotted Swiss used to be available mostly in subdued or pastel shades, such as gray, light pink, or cream; however, the range of available colors has since been significantly expanded. It is currently offered in a diverse selection of colors to choose from.
  • Cotton was traditionally used to make dotted swiss, although these days it may also be manufactured out of combinations of other fibers.

Dotted Swiss Fabric

Care Instructions

  • It is recommended to hand wash the fabric in cold water
  • Do not dry clean the dotted swiss fabric. 
  •  Iron the fabric on low heat setting.

Dotted Swiss Fabric

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Herren hemden in st gallen

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