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What is Cretonne Fabric?

  • Cretonne is a kind of fabric that is primarily manufactured from cotton and has a simple weave and an unglazed design.
  • Typically, floral designs are used for the patterns that are printed on them.
Cretonne Fabric


  • The hamlet of Creton, located in Normandy, France, is where the fabric was first created, hence the community gave the fabric its name.
  • The first cretonne was a sturdy, white fabric that was woven from hemp for the warp and linen for the weft.
Cretonne Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out


The texture of the fabric is very smooth.




No Shine / Dull


The fabric is opaque and easy to take care of. 

Applications & Usage


Dresses, shirts, smocks, etc.

Home furnishing

Curtains, aprons, bed sheets, etc. 

Care Instructions

  • It is important to note that you should not use hot water to wash it since doing so may cause the fabric to get damaged and even shrunken.
  • It does not make a difference whether you wash it by hand or in the machine; either method is alright. 
  • However, you shouldn't hang it out in the direct sunlight since the sun's rays might potentially degrade the quality of the Cretonne.
Cretonne Fabric

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