Denim Fabric

Denim Fabric

What is Denim Fabric?

  • Denim is a strong fabric which is created by using the twill weave.
  • It is a warp facing fabric, that is, the weft threads go below one or more warp threads.
  • The diagonal ribbing within the fabric makes it distinct from cotton duck or canvas, which are also strong woven fabrics just like denim.
  • Denim outfits are available in various colors, however, the most common color used for them is indigo.  


  • In 1853, during the Gold Rush, the outfits designed out of denim became famous when Levi Strauss opened a store in San Francisco. 
  • In the store, he used to sell dry products as well as a canvas for tents, buttons and threads. 
  • He started creating durable pants that contain big pockets which are helpful for miners in storing gold.
  • Later, one of the customers of Strauss added copper rivets along with pocket corners which added strength to the pants.
  • Soon Levi Strauss began to produce denim pants on a mass level which assisted them to evolve from something worn by men to a mainstream fashion product. 
Denim Fabric

Types of denim fabric

Sanforized Denim

It is softer in touch and is less durable. This denim is treated during the process which does not let the fabric shrink.

Stretch Denim

Within this fabric, either spandex or a similar fabric will be used to give a stretch effect in comparison to a normal denim. Stretch denim is mostly used for skinny jeans.

Crushed Denim

Crushed denim attributes weave which is similar to velvet. It is treated to give a wrinkle effect. 

Raw Denim

Raw denim is a fabric which is not washed after it is dyed which gives the fabric a rough texture.

Acid-wash denim

It is treated with chlorine to give a marble effect.


types of denim


What makes it special?


Due to the twill weaving pattern, denim has a great strength which makes it durable.


The physical properties of denim include a balanced level of insulation which makes it an all-rounder.

Less Maintenance

Denim outfits are easy to maintain and can be washed after wearing 5-6 times.


They are easy to style and can be worn with trendy to formal styles. 

Application & Usage


Denim pants, Shirts, Denim Jackets, skirts, etc.


Belt, Purses, Hats, etc.

House Furnishing

Upholstery, Curtains, etc.

How to Judge the Authenticity of Denim?

  • Denim can’t be scraped off easily 
  • Color fastness to washing
  • The durability of denim is another way to check its authenticity. 
Denim Fabric Online

Care Instructions 

  • While washing denim outfits use cold water.
  • Turn your outfit upside down to prevent wear and tear.
  • Denim clothes can be tumble dry.
  • Iron it on low -medium heat
  • It is recommended to wash the fabric occasionally.

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