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What is Maheshwari Silk? 

  • Maheshwari silk fabric is a combination of silk and cotton fibers woven with zari in various designs. 
  • The designs on Maheshwari fabric include floral patterns, stripes, and checks.
  • The fabric was made by people living in Maheshwar town.
  • Earlier, Maheshwari silk was used to make Maheshwari sarees but now it is used to design various other clothes like Kurta, dupatta, etc. 
Maheshwari Silk


  • Maheswari silk originated during the 18th century in Maheshwar (Indore, Madhya Pradesh) during the reign of Queen Ahilyabai Holkar. 
  • According to tales, the queen ordered artisans of Surat and Malwa to make a 9-yard saree to give as a gift to her relatives and guests. 
  • It is believed that the design of the first saree was done by her. 
  • Later, the sarees made by these artisans were known as Maheshwari Silk Sarees
  • Originally these sarees were worn by ladies from royal families but now they are available to every person. 
Maheshwari Silk Online

What Makes it Stand Out


The texture of the fabric is smooth and soft.


Due to its low-density weaving, Maheshwari silk fabric is slightly sheer.


The fabric drapes around pretty well.


It comprises natural shine giving it a beautiful look. 

Application & Usage 


Saree, Kurta, shirt, etc.


Stoles, dupatta, etc.


Cushion covers, Curtains, etc.

New Age Innovations 

  • After Independence, the art and style of Maheshwari silk experienced a major decline in its productivity.
  • But with the help of “Rehwa” which is a non-profit organization, the reputation of the fabric was revived to a great extent.
  • Earlier there was a limit to the colors available for Maheshwari fabric but with the modernization, light colors have been introduced along with the usage of golden and silver threads. 

How to Judge the Authenticity of Maheshwari Silk

  • The border design of the Maheshwari fabric can be reversed. It looks similar on both sides. 
  • The warp of fabric comprises yarn of raw mulberry silk and a weft of cotton.
  • It is much heavier and compact in comparison to Chanderi fabric. 

Maheshwari Silk Fabric

Care Instructions 

  • For the first few washes Maheshwari silk fabric must be dry cleaned.
  • After that, it can be hand washed using mild detergent and cold water. 
  • The greasy stains can be washed by rinsing the spot with a little bit of lemon juice in cold water.
  • Do not wring the fabric, instead gently squeeze the water out of the fabric.
  • Do not keep Maheswari silk fabric under direct sunlight.
  • The best time to iron the fabric is when it is damp on a medium to high setting.
  • Remember to iron the Maheswari fabric on the reverse side. 
Maheshwari Silk
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