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What is Organza Fabric? 

  • Organza is a crisp and lightweight fabric, traditionally made from silk. 
  • Nowadays it is made by combining natural as well synthetic fibers. 
  • It is a great choice for draping and is mostly used by tailors to create voluminous skirts and dresses. 
  • Organza looks sheer but is a very strong fabric. 
Organza Fabric


  • The name Organza basically originated from the word organzine which means the method to create silk threads from silk fibers. 
  • Even though silk was developed in China, the name came from Urgang, a town in Turkestan, which was one of the famous silk markets.
  • Organza has arrived in Europe through the Silk Road and remained the most desirable fabric since then. 
  • China being the largest producer as well as exporter, the production of Organza has spread around the globe. 
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What Makes it Stand Out


Organza is a transparent fabric this is due to the weaving pattern which makes organza have small holes. 


Due to the tightly twisted yarns before the weaving process the fabric is thin. 


Organza reflects beautifully making it the fine quality of silk.


Because of the treatment of yarns in acid before weaving, the organza is stiffer than any other traditional silk fabric.


The holes in the fabric allow air to pass through making it breathable. 

Application & Usage 


Dresses, Shawls, gowns, skirts, etc.


Scrunchies, bags, etc.


Curtains, table cloths, etc.

How to Judge the Authenticity 

  • Pure organza fabric can be checked by looking at the material and by listening to the crisp sound when rubbed. 
  • The other way of checking the authenticity is by a burn test. 
  • Take a piece of an organza cloth and burn it. 
  • The burning smell of the organza fabric will be similar to the burning of hair.
Organza Fabric

Care Instructions 

  • Organza fabric can be hand washed using mild detergent. However, if you have silk organza then it is recommended to dry clean it. 
  • Do not dry the fabric under direct sunlight, lay it on a flat surface as it will avoid creasing. 
  • Lay press cloth over the organza fabric as protection and put the iron on a low setting.  
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