Rayon Fabric

Rayon Fabric

What is Rayon? 

  • Rayon is a unique fabric with a smooth and silky texture. 
  • It has a texture that is similar to cotton fabric and it feels soft just like silk, because of these features rayon was also known as artificial silk.
  • The soft fabric of rayon has a fluid drape that flows rather than stays rigid.
  • It is made from natural-based materials like cellulose or organic cotton.
  • Rayon has the ability to blend with many fibers. 


  • Rayon first originated in 1880 with the intention to imitate silk. Throughout that period it was known as ‘artificial silk’.
  • Later in 1924, the name of the fiber ‘artificial silk’ got replaced with rayon.
  • The main aim of inventing rayon was the increasing price of silk. 
  • Apart from silk, now rayon can be imitated as cotton, wool, and linen. It can also be blended with other fibers like linen, and polyester that can be used to make a particular type of fabric that was earlier made with rayon crepe fabric.  
Rayon Fabric

Types of Rayon

Viscose Rayon 

Viscose rayon is made from wood pulp which is used as a substitute for silk. It has minimal wet strength, that is, it is most likely to either shrink or lose its shape.


It is a semi-synthetic fabric that originated from beech-tree pulp. Modal is blended with fabrics like spandex and cotton to give extra strength. 


The production method of lyocell involves less usage of harsh chemicals which makes it eco-friendly. Lyocell is a great absorbent in nature and can absorb moisture in comparison to other types of rayon. 

What Makes it Special


Rayon has a soft and smooth texture which when worn gives comfort. 


Rayon is popular for its sheen that ranges from low to very shiny fabric.


It is not repellent to water, it absorbs more moisture than cotton. However, the rayon fabric can shrink when it gets wet. 


Rayon is a breathable fabric, that is, it does not retain heat. 

Application & Usage 


T-shirts, loose bottoms, athletic wear, skirts, dresses, etc


Tire-cords, surgical products, etc


Blankets, Bed-sheets, Curtains, etc

How to Judge the Authenticity of Rayon? 

  1. Burn Test: Rayon when burned produces an odor just like cotton fabric. It continues to burn even after the flame is removed and leaves slight ash.
  2. Water Test: When the rayon fabric is wet, it will feel a little gummy as the fibers of the cloth weaken down. Generally, rayon fabric tends to dry slowly in comparison to other fibers like cotton and silk
  3. If you scratch rayon threads with your nail then the treads will easily be separated. 
Rayon Fabric Online

Care Instructions 

  • Avoid washing rayon clothes in the machine, rather than wash them by hand or dry clean. 
  • Air-dry the fabric to avoid shrinkage.
  • Iron the fabric on the reverse side with a low setting. 
Rayon Fabric
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