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What is Slub Knit Fabric? 

  • The yarn used to make slub knit fabric is often not of a consistent thickness throughout its length. 
  • In the days before machines were invented to spin fiber, humans had to turn fiber into yarn or thread by hand, and then knit or weave the yarn or thread into cloth. 
  • The spots in the yarn that are thicker than the rest are termed "slubs." 
  • When slubs are in a fabric, they can make little bumps and give the fabric an interesting, uneven feel. 
  • Because the slubs absorb color in a different way than the rest of the yarn, the fabric looks heathered. 
Slub Knit Fabric


  • Back in the 19th century, when people still made textiles by hand, the word "slub" referred to the process of preparing the wool before it was spun into yarn. 
  • Hand spinners would twist the wool fibers together to make yarn. Due to the different thicknesses of the yarn, the finished garment would have an uneven look. This uneven look became known as a "slub." 
  • Since then, slubs have become a fashionable part of clothes. They can be found in cotton slub and knit slub, among other fabrics. 
Slub Knit Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out 


Often comfortable to wear near the skin, slub knit fabric is a kind of knit fabric with irregular stitches.


The fabric has a dull appearance.


Applications & Usage 

  • The most common slub knit items are t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hoodies, shirt dresses, loungewear, and pajamas.

Care Instructions

  • There is a chance that slub knit fabric will shrink, especially if it is made entirely of cotton. 
  • Drying slub knit fabric in the air is the most effective way to prevent the cloth from shrinking. The longevity of the cloth and its stretchiness are both improved as a result of this. 
  • It is recommended to use the gentle cycle with sensitive washing detergent. 
  • Put them in the dryer on the lowest setting for only a few minutes. 
  • Take the cloth out of the dryer when it is still exhibiting a few traces of moisture, and then allow it to finish drying in the air. 
  • If you iron it, the ridges will eventually smooth out, ruining the bumpy texture and taking away the dimension. 
  • You can keep it from getting wrinkled by hanging it up or folding it neatly and putting it in your closet. 
Slub Knit Fabric

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