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What is Giza Cotton?

  • Egypt produces Giza cotton.
  • It is made of 100% cotton but has a synthetic fabric finish.
  • It is created from the fibrous plant debris that surrounds the cotton plant's seeds.
  • Giza cotton is distinct as it is cultivated and harvested near the Nile River, giving it some.
  • The Nile River provides the ideal quantity of sunshine, humidity, and nutrient-rich soil to promote cotton development.
Giza Cotton


  • It all started in 1819 when a French textile engineer named Louis Alexis Jumel tried to persuade Muhammad Ali Pasha, the director of a planned spinning and weaving mill, that cultivate an Ethiopian Cotton variety discovered in Cairo in the private garden of a Turkish officer named Maho Bay, could revolutionize the country's entire agricultural output.
  • Following that, Pasha attempted to get cotton seeds and began plantations in Italy, where they noted an improvement in crop productivity, and in 1823, the Cotton crop was raised to almost 10.000 tonnes, and its culture was permanently fixed.
  • The quality was better than the previous year, although the fiber was coarser. This demonstrated the need for a fresh seed or an alternative cultivation technique, and steps were taken to address these concerns.
  • In 1827, Muhammad Ali Pasha imported Sea Island Cotton seeds, which allowed Egyptian Cotton to attain excellent quality, and it turned out that lower Egypt, particularly the Nile's Damietta branch, covered the terrain most suited to these Cotton kinds.
  • The combination of the greatest seeds in the world, along with an excellent atmosphere, creates the optimal cultivation circumstances for the world's most valuable cotton. This finding has been frequently shown over two centuries.
Giza Cotton

What Makes it Stand Out?


Light-medium weighed, soft, and silky-textured.


The Giza cotton gives a great draping appearance to the outfits. 


The fabric has a subtle sheen.


Giza cotton is renowned for its staple length, but it is slightly thicker and shorter than Suvin.

Application and Uses


Shirt, Blazer, Coats, etc.

Home Furnishing

 Towels, Bedsheets, Bed linens, etc.

Care Instructions

  •  Machine wash in cold water with a gentle wash cycle.
  • Use vinegar mixed in the water while washing to soften the fabric.
  • Can machine dry but air dry is the best option for drying the Giza fabric.
  • Can be ironed on the cotton set mode.

Giza Cotton Fabric

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Mr Channakumar AK

Mr Channakumar AK

I am happy to wear Cotton,Giza cotton because of Healthy cotton fire, with good healthy fibre,Anti protect ,Angainst Environmental friendly, Against Skin allergy and Daily Comfortable.Smoothness silk, light in weight and Good with Basic colours,Vedic Colour shade and English Colours.
Net we fashionable trends and Economy Brand’s.
Easy for poor, Middle class employees to purchase.I want Visit, Best wishes.It helped In Ciovid.It Purifie air to Respire and Against Micro Bacterial,anti pollutant.
Thank,Just it my sincere formal Letter to all.
Best wishes,Good Health to all 🙏🙏

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