Styling Workshop from Indian Fabric Crafts - 28th Jan 2022, Friday

Styling Workshop from Indian Fabric Crafts - 28th Jan 2022, Friday - Fabriclore

Why Styling Workshop with Indian Fabric Crafts?

We see Indian Craft Fabric and fall in love with them instantly. But to decide on what to make out of them is an uphill task in itself.

Will a Jacket go on Kalamkari? How will the shirt look in Batik? Will Ikat  look good as a Dress?

So many question but answers no where to be found. 
We heard you and are having a Styling workshop where you will be shown the inspirations and ideas according to your style. 

Be it a Regular Cafe outing or your friend's Birthday Party we are helping you with all sorts of styling ideas to make your look chique and exclusive with Indian crafts. 

What can you expect in the Workshop?

  1. Knowing more about 'Indian Fabric Crafts' 
  2. Difference between variety of fabric crafts.
  3. Suggestions about the designs that can be made out of Indian Crafts, following will be covered specifically:


Who is it for?

Everyone who loves to experiment with their styling. 


28th Jan 2022, Friday | 4:00 - 5:00 PM IST

Registration is open for only 50 seats
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Vandita Agrawal

Vandita Agrawal

Always wondered what to do with such beautiful fabrics….
Would love the workshop

Majji Gouri Shankar Rao

Majji Gouri Shankar Rao


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