10 products that will help you take the natural route without burning your pocket

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Saving the environment is on everyone’s tip of the tongue but we continue to lead our lives unbothered. Every day we are bombarded with ads and PSAs urging us to switch to all natural cosmetics and healthier alternatives to certain food groups, but the natural spectrum is much broader. Not only do these products seem too good to be true but also can cause a dent in an average Joe's budget. Here at Fabriclore we believe in sustainable and affordable lifestyle and hence, we have jotted down a few products that one can easily switch to lead a much more natural life:

1. Natural Dye Fabric:

Everyone mindlessly shops for clothes, completely oblivious to the chemicals that go into them and how the process of their manufacturing affects the environment. Using naturally extracted dyes from- marigolds, sunflower petals, pomegranates, and beets is the best you can do without burning your pocket. There are plenty of Indian artisans who have been working on a bevy of textile crafts, like Ajrakh, Kalamkari, Bagh, Indigo, Batik to name a few, all soaked in natural dyes. If you wish to design your outfits with natural dye fabrics browse through our Hand Block Collection.


2. Shoes:

All the lives we have spent slipping in and out of leather shoes or some synthetic shoes going through the hassle of switching them seasonally.  To our relief, there are shoes that are made from cotton and from organic hemp which can be worn all year round. The brand Neeman produces shoes made of Australian Merino wool which makes them light, all-weather and stylish. There are vegan footwear labels like Kanabis (Indian and affordable) that are approved by PETA. Companies like Green sole have taken up the initiative to refurbish discarded footwear with zero carbon footprints.


3. Watches:

Even though watches have been labeled as style statements with the rise of smartphones but nonetheless we do sport watches on a regular basis. Usually made of metal with a leather, PU, plastic-based strap but now we do have an option of wooden watches too. One can also select watches that have been made from recycled materials. Tsar Watches (Price range starts from 4900/-) is one of the examples of best quality nature-friendly watches. They are known to create the best wooden timepieces.


4. Bags:

Choosing eco-friendly and natural alternatives is the best way to save the environment. Why choose leather bags or ones made from plastic when you have so many other options? You can always select bags that are made from cotton or jute and other natural materials. These bags are lighter in weight and they also look colorful and beautiful. Companies like Handcraft Worldwide Company manufacturers classy and useful jute bags which are eco-friendly. Our collaborative efforts with Hatheli Sansthan has added an array of naturally crafted range of boho bags, pouches, sleeves and much to fit your daily needs at an affordable price.


5. Sunglasses/ Frames:

Switch to sunglasses and frames that are made from bamboo and wood. These look super cool and this is one of the best ways to reduce the use of plastic which is slowly killing the earth. Get the finest quality and stylish eco-friendly spectacles from Tetewood (price range starts from 2600/-).


6. Stationery:

Why kill trees for all the paper that you need. Start using stationary that is made from recycled materials.  There are several options for eco-friendly stationery supplies. Handmade ecological stationary products can be obtained from Eco Corner.  Plantcil is the place where you can get recycled paper, pencil and recycled cardboard pens. We have also added a collection of handmade diaries, envelopes, and goodie boxes made of 100% cotton, which will not only bring a touch of nature to your life but also help artisans at the very root.


7. Travel essentials:

If you are eco-conscious use a travel kit that is made from natural material like wood or recycled things. If you look around you will find that even toothbrushes that are made from bamboo are readily available in the market. Companies like Bare necessities focus on zero waste and reduction of thrash that goes into landfills and incinerators. They have a range of personal care products, food wraps, cutlery, bags clutches, etc. You can shop for your travel needs with us as we now house a plethora of all natural organizers like- Medicine pouches, toiletry pouches, sling bags, mobile pouches, sleeves and more.



8. Indoor plants:

It is always a good idea to have plants in and around the house. Indoor plants are an inexpensive alternative to the on-trend air purifiers and can remove the harmful pollutants from the air. These plants demand much care and are easy to maintain on a busy routine. Rollingnature (starts from 199/- is one place where you can find air-purifying indoor plants.



9. Mini Greenhouses:

Greenhouses are a closed space where fruits and vegetables can be grown. It helps in good distribution of light on the crops. This is an energy efficient option. But not all of us have the space to make a greenhouse. But that does not mean that you can never have one. Just go for the mini greenhouse which is portable. My Dream Garden is a company that can give you better clarity about these greenhouses that you can have in your terrace.


10. Mattresses and pillows:

Hey! You believe in Sleep Healthy. Wake Happy? Well, a mattress and a pillow made from non-toxic materials like organic cotton, organic wool, and organic latex with no harmful chemicals and are completely safe to use. You can get 100% natural Latex Mattresses from Restolex. Talking of mattresses and pillows one can not overlook the importance of bed linens. Browse through our 100% cotton bedsheets, bedcovers, pillow and cushion covers for a comfortable sleep with colorful aesthetics.


These are just a few examples of natural products. There is a wide range of other natural products that can truly be a boon to the earth. What is needed is an initiative from our side. We have to understand the importance and significance of going green and need to adopt the same in our everyday lives. Make earth-kind materials a part of your life!

 Authored by: Sunidhi Gaur

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