Keep an eye out for these Fashion Trends in June 2021

Keep an eye out for these Fashion Trends in June 2021 - Fabriclore

Access to the internet has opened a lot of doors for us to stay entertained, even while at home - isolated from the dangerous virus. Adapting to this new normal hasn't been that easy - neither was it for the Fashion industry.

However, with bold moves and creative decisions - brands all over the globe are making sure there is no shortage of wardrobe essentials this Summer! And we have listed everything for you to stay in trend this June


Safety First! 

Personal hygiene became an intangible cure for COVID-19, and needless to say, it saved millions. So, it only makes sense for the fashion industry to adopt a category that emphasizes it and incorporates the same in clothing. So what if your clothes are cleaned on their own? 

Welcome to the world of Self-cleaning garments and Anti-microbial clothing! Don't be surprised to see an outfit of yourself that cleans itself in the near future. Turns out, it's all about the chemistry - not between you and your outfit - but the nanoparticles like Silver, that are fused to your fabric. Since they are, well, Nano, they don't affect the feel of your clothing - but keep the clothes fresh by killing the bacteria that causes undesirable odour.

While the self-cleaning tech might still take some to hit the market, Antimicrobial clothing on the other hand, is just a click away. It is the only class of fabrics that avoids the accumulation of harmful pathogens on the surface of your dress. So opt in for anti-microbial fabrics & that's how you can literally "Stay Safe" in June & beyond! 


Awaken Your Consciousness

While the pandemic may be a time you never want to remember but it gave us some time to reflect on ourselves, our surroundings & embrace the little joys that nature offers. The chirping of birds broke the eerie silence of lockdown, wind breezing through tree leaves gave some movement to otherwise stillness and a change of day from cloudy to sunny energized us.

So if nature & the environment overall impacts us this closely, taking care of it is a forever trend. And it is pacing fast this June. Thanks to the innovations in the textile industry you can embrace outfits that do fit the sustainability standards & indirectly take care of our environment.

With June being the glimmer of hope - the month that will decide how things would be for the rest of the year - stay ahead in the trend with sustainable fabrics & start wearing your unique plus eco-friendly attires.


Work-Party-Chill ALL INDOORS

There was a time when Work-from-home was regarded as royalty until the pandemic forced the professionals to reconsider. One good aspect of this pragmatic shift is the rise of comfort clothing. You're no longer required to turn up to work wearing a Blazer, but that doesn't mean you can wear a Tank top and shorts. In between both of these is the aforementioned, comfortable clothing. Some of the top picks are: 


1. Tie-up Top 

Wear it with a saree or a denim, tie up top is the our new favourite. Goes well all prints, crafts & even solids. But our pick would be the naturally dyed Jhag Fabrics.

2. Frilled and Ruffle Top

Frills & ruffles are back in trend & they have been stealing hearts in florals. Opt for a flowy fabric like chiffon or georgette & you will have the perfect look for your ruffles.

3. Playsuit

4. Poplin Shirt 

Right amount of crisp & breathability, poplin fabric is perfect match for your return to work.

5. Shirt Style Kurti

Keep things new & fresh with a fusion of Shirt & Kurti, make a Shirt Style Kurti. A cotton fabric base will suit it best.

6. Loose Bottom 

Isn't this something that we have grown so comfortable in over the past year that we just can't give it up. We don't have to, let's keep goin in comfy loose bottoms wherever we go.

7. Midi Dress coupled with Sleeveless Blazers

Who says you can't wear a blazer in summers, pair it up with a midi dress & viola!


And When You Finally Go Out

Working all week calls for a party - with a limited number of people, of course! That's where you flaunt your summer collection. An intimate gathering calls for even more exclusive attires. If you're looking out for inspiration, consider opting for:

1. Paloma Dress 

2. Nap Dress

3. Square neck and Floral print tops 

4. Culottes


5. Cardigan

6. Maxi Dress


7. Stoles and Bandana


Masks are staying in trend

Hold on... a fashionable outfit would be incomplete without an offbeat face mask. Masks being the need of the hour, the industry is committed to promoting the use for the same by giving a plethora of options to choose from. That being said, surgical masks aren't the only thing. If you want something trendy to bolster your chic look, check out the not-so-basic masks available with no extra effort.


That's a wrap for June!

We are halfway through 2021, and needless to say, now is the time to put the foot in the pedal to accelerate your goals for the year - be it fashion, or personal. And if it is about trend, we encourage you to always pave the way with your own unique & creative instincts. 

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