Batik - The Magnificent Art of Wax Printing

Batik  - The Magnificent Art of Wax Printing - Fabriclore

A craft celebrated all across the world, Batik holds its traces in various parts of Egypt, Indonesia, Middle East and India. Popularly identified by little dots, Batik is an ancient wax dyeing technique. Derived from the Javanese word amba (to write) and titik (dot), it has been a sought after craft amongst the Javanese Patriots (ethnic natives of Indonesia).


This craft holds a special place in the hearts of Indian artisans as well, who for ages have been designing and giving this craft a taste of their own. Because of the enormous scope of designing patterns, this craft provides an artistic freedom to the craftsmen. Artisans of Cholamandalam near Chennai are said to be mavens of this craft. Batik is also produced in parts of Gujarat, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. 

Production Process

 The intricate designs are carefully made by craftsman using a pencil. The pattern is then waxed to retain the colour of the fabric and taken for its first bath. The duration of the dye bath determines the hue of the first colour on the fabric.


The number of colours in batik represents how many times it was immersed in the dye bath and how many times wax has to be applied and removed. The complexity of the design and the number of colours on the fabric determines how long it will take to complete the production process.



Indonesian Batik Collection

Adding intricacy to the magnificence of Batik craft with our latest Indonesian Batik Collection. Artisans from the heart of our country, Ujjain have revealed delicate designs on soothing slub cotton fabric. A play of dark & subtle hues makes the collection even more ethereal. The collection will add an offbeat look to all your attires, be it blouses, skirts, sarees, suits, jackets, indo-western, palazzos, peplum tops, dhoti pants and more.


Fab Inspiration

Anarkali adorned with a Blissful Batik Koti

For Evening get-togethers and parties, a tweak of traditional touch will surely make you stand out from the rest. What better way to do this than to add a Batik Koti on an Anarkali suit? For that matter, Kotis along with skirts, suits and sarees can be your next style statement!

Hobo Batik Jackets

The simplest of outfits can be glammed up with the addition of a jacket. Batik Printed jackets with their characteristic Polkas are a statement in itself, be it with a long summer skirt or classic high waist jeans.

Enchanting Home Décor

One of the distinct pleasures of life is the chance to design your dream home with the most intricate and handpicked home furnishings, the beauty of which blooms with the timelessness of batik motifs. Designed in various colours and variants, these are perfect to sooth your creative genes that always itch to try something new!

Western Ensembles sewed with an Indian touch 

With today’s culture and fashion rapidly mixing with that of the world, traditional Batik is now very popular to make dresses, skirts, tops and much more “western items” than ever before. Naturally, batik skirts and dresses should be the next funky thing you try out for!

The artistic designs, detailing, colours and elegance that comes with this fabric is definitely something all must try out.

Batik, a print that has travelled literally half of the world to inspire us all is available at Fabriclore. Our textile designers work closely with the artisans to get the best of the batik prints for all you couturiers. So what are you waiting for? Grab hold of these beauties today! Don’t forget to share your look with us at  and 



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