What our 5th birthday looked like

What our 5th birthday looked like - Fabriclore

Another year wiser, another year stronger, that's how we have grown in our 5-year journey.

Peeking a little down the memory lane & seeing a single room setup that was meant for everything, from quality checking desk, photo studio, order processing & everything else. But perseverance bought us to what we are today, a family of more than 50 members, an office accomodating different departments & love from across the globe. We have grown like a tree, just like their strength is deeply rooted in the earth, our strength is deeply rooted in our artisans and you.


It's been 5 years, celebrating crafts, artisans, culture and you. We are thrilled to share our happiness of completing this milestone with each of you. And this year we thought to celebrate in a special way.

The Crafts & Consciousness Awards

What's a story without a conclusion. A story that begins from picking fibres, spinning yarn, weaving fabric, dyeing and so on. But this story comes to life only when you design & wear your imagination.

We are always amazed by the way you transform our fabrics into beautiful garments & we are never tired to see you smile, wearing what you imagined.

But how do we express this feeling of little pride every time you make a conscious choice of crafts over everything else? And see more of your design stories? 

That's why the Craft & Consciousness Awards.

A month spent in Awe

We were overwhelmed to see your amazing creations every single day. From sharing how you dress your little ones in unique attires to wearing an exclusive dress on your special day, from every day Kurti to highly stylised pantsuit, from little crafty DIYs to decorating your home... felt like we should extend the dates forever. 




A one-to-one with you

With amazing pictures landing in our inbox, we got more curious to know how you guys come up with such beautiful garments. Knowing the thoughts behind and understanding the joy of designing on your own, along with the hope to inspire many like you. 


    And it's time for results

    Our clocks ticked fast while we immersed in each of your creations. Our design & textile connoisseurs were on cloud nine on seeing their handpicked curation turned to such beautiful garments. After a few detailed discussions, some disagreements & lots of excitement, we concluded the winners. Congratulations to all.





    See you next year

    A year we thought we'll indulge in celebrations because we couldn't last year, a year we thought would put, 2021 is a year we all thought would be better than the last. And yet, we are again at home, restricted to step out, dealing with new challenges everyday.

    But you made it so much better for us. Amidst all the chaos, we saw light in the smiles you shared. With a hope that we did the same for all you wonderful people, even if for just a moment. We took the first step to keep ourselves safe & urge you to be a step ahead on precautions. 

    Believe, strength is in staying together, let's be there for one another.

    Ending on a note from Gulzar,


    हमें यक़ीन है लौट आएगी खुशियाँ,

    अभी कुछ गमों का शोर हैं।

    हम सब लोगो को देना है एक दूसरे का साथ,

    यह हमारी परीक्षा का दौर है।


    We believe joy will return,

    grief is a little loud now.

    We've to be there for one another,

    it's the time of our test.

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