How to be your own Sewist? #12 The Quilted Vest

How to be your own Sewist? #12 The Quilted Vest - Fabriclore

For this month’s post, I wanted to showcase the gorgeous, quilted fabric collection at Fabriclore. 

This fabric would be wonderful for the bed and would certainly keep you warm, but the width might be limiting beyond a twin sized bed. However it is perfect to experiment with garments. I chose to make a vest with this quilted fabric and I love how it turned out.

The Fabric

When I first saw this quilted fabric on Fabriclore’s website, I was very intrigued. I loved the print on it and thought it would be perfect for the Irma Vest by Fibremood.

This is made by quilting a satin modal fabric and a plain black (pretty loose weave) cotton fabric with a thick layer of batting, making this fabric pretty heavy and warm.

The colour is vibrant and it sew up well but my machine had to do some hard work.

The Pattern

Here is another Fibremood pattern I love. Irma vest is oversized and comes with an optional tie and sleeve caps. I did not want something too oversized and chose to make the smallest size. I omitted the sleeves and I am happy with the fit.

The pattern comes with large pieces and so it sews up pretty fast. 

Sewing up the vest

I chose to make this vest fully lined instead of finishing the entire raw edges with bias binding like the pattern instructions suggests.


To do this, I cut out the pattern pieces for the front and back in both the main quilted fabric and in the lining fabric. I followed the same instructions for the quilted fabric with the lining. All the seam allowances will remain the same. 

I recommend using a 90/14 needle for working with this fabric. Your machine has to sew through thick layers and some machines find it hard. Go slow and decrease your tension if your thread keeps breaking. 

Patch pockets are added to the front pieces first

Front and back are sewn together around neckline

To attach the lining to the main piece, I did it like in any coat. I placed the lining on top of the quilted fabric, right sides together. I then sewed the seams shut with just one opening to bag it all out! and Voila!!

My lining does not have a right or wrong side. 

I absolutely love this jacket and it has kept me warm in my recent travels. I already have a second one planned for my mother!

Techniques you will learn

If you choose to make this vest, you will learn to

  1. Sew bias binding (if you go by the pattern instructions)
  2. Add patch pockets
  3. Sew a simple neckline
  4. And, sewing with quilted fabric. 

So there you have a comfy quilted vest to pair up with any of your solid tops & dresses. The quilted fabric collection features some interesting prints & worth checking out to experiment with your sewing.

Want more than just a vest with Quilted Fabrics? You can check out some ideas in our blog, here.


Author: Swetha Mohan

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