Styling Tips for Men in Indian Crafts - For Office, Party, Weddings & Casual Outings

Styling Tips for Men in Indian Crafts - For Office, Party, Weddings & Casual Outings - Fabriclore

"Why do we men have so few options in fashion? Why don't we have the luxury to choose from a plethora of colours and crafts like women do? It's an injustice to men!"

But wait?

Is it really?

Umm, I don't think so?

In my opinion, it's men who have closeted themselves to the world of a cocoon. The world of colourful butterflies is waiting for them, which is just a little effort away. In fact, in India, back in the time men's attire used to be as cheerful as women, eventually, with the influx of globalization triggering mono-cultural lifestyles, it became stagnant to just shirts and pants.

As they say, old times repeat themselves, and 'Today' I think is that time. It's a Social Media World, where people aren't afraid to choose unconventional thoughts and norms for themselves. People are coming out and accepting different fashion tastes as the lines of gender blurs out. There could be no time better than today, to explore with the personal styles and crafts. There surely will be eyes to judge, but a lot more hands would raise to support.

My complaint is though, why do we wait the whole year for the wedding to come and then wear and experiment with crafts. What holds men back until they are left with just kurta pyjama to have fun with?

No, Not any more! There is the whole sea of crafts to try on and flaunt on different occasions, and yes, I know you agree almost on everything I said, and now the only bummer is that you do not know where to start from.

Why not let me help you out with some ideas here!

1. Crafts for Casual Outings

Move beyond a T-shirt or something in a pop colour, just because its an obvious choice for casual. Here are some ideas to help you with your breezy outing plans.

If it's a house gathering at a friend's or a long drive with family, pastel Linen or quirky polka dots is the way to go.

Floral Prints or to be more specific Hand Block Indigo is perfect for making that first impression for your Sunday Date.

And if your vibe is crazy, you definitely won't mind wearing animal. If you are someone who hasn't worn such patterns before, you should just try it at least once, it really feels liberating,

Men's Shirt Floral Print
Men's Craft Shirt

2. Crafts for Office

Gone are the days when plains and checks were considered quintessential for office wear. Today office aisles are moreover a fashion ramp where everyone is conscious and picky of their attire. Wearing a geometric pattern for meetings or Ikat and Ajark for regular days will put a spotlight on you.

So next time when you enter your office corridor you will legit feel like a celebrity. And when this happens, do not forget to tell us.

Men's Plain


3. Crafts for the Conscious One

Maintaining ecological integrity has become a necessity. That's why we consider Sustainable fashion as something more than just a movement - but a responsibility. With a wide range of sustainable fabrics, like Bamboo, BananaOrganic Cotton & more, take your conscious pick today.

We recommend, Kala Cotton fabric not only it has top-notch quality, it is also strong, durable, and stretchable.

It is not just the quality but also the sense of satisfaction that the dress you wear for work is not causing any harm to society. Not just for formal workwear, you can style Kala Cotton in a casual Kurta too.

4. Crafts for Party

If you are someone who plans their Saturday night way ahead and loves to slay with their style to grab eyeballs, then these suggestions will definitely make your thoughts wander.

Wearing a quirky animal print gets you in the party mood as soon as you are in it. Modal Satin, Muslin, Polka Dots , Stripes, Objects will play out astonishingly in a slim fit shirt.


5. Crafts for Indian Weddings and Festivals

Who doesn't want to be a little extra in a wedding? Be it a 5-year-old son of yours or your father in his middle age, everyone secretly expects to receive the compliments. And honestly, it's a thing of the past now where men of the house just used to wear simple 3 piece suit.


Today everyone looks forward to standing out in a custom made sherwani, or on that Nehru Jacket. The Mughal or Ajrakh Print Waistcoat is one another a rare combination of comfort and royalty. Oh wait! Not to forget the trending vibrant Kota Doria  or a Bandhani saafa? Apart from it, just imagine wearing traditional Banarasi Satin, Brocade, Velvet sherwani. 


See, Umpteenth number of ideas!
And some of you are already going off the beaten path


If something already is popping in your head, go to our collection page and match your imagination with the right shades, prints and fabric. After you finish designing, do not forget us and share your designs on social media by tagging and using hashtag #fabriclore. Would love to see them.

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Fantastic … wonder why only women shud have all the designing fun… keep going ..loved them all

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