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10 Best Fabrics for Winters - Our Top Pick for you

10 Best Fabrics for Winters - Our Top Pick for you - Fabriclore

What makes anything enchanting? 

Well, not so hard to think - the intricacy, richness and quality. 

Especially, when it comes to apparels and accessories, these 3 musketeers play a phenomenal role.   

Now, since winters are on our doors and we’re ready to don the much awaited winter looks for which we were waiting since long. We have a little insight on what will make your winter fashionable, not just more glamorous, but also, comfortable and ethnic while checking off the three musketeers!. (That myth? That ethnic clothes go for hibernation during winters? We’re about to smash that!)

Ladies and gentlemen, say Hi to the winters with our  favourite fabrics that will make you turn heads throughout the season! 

1. Corduroy

This fabric has its own loyal fandom, those who love Corduroy and can ace the look with nearly everything, whether trousers, jackets, dresses or shirts. 

While this used to be popularly characteristic country dressing in Europe, the fabric is now much loved and definitely considered a fashion statement globally. 

Since it’s slightly thick and soft, it makes for a perfect fabric for winters. To make it more interesting and customised, you can now get it in unique colors and handcrafted prints too!


2. Woolen Tweeds

It is its first time on Fabriclore! We won’t be lying if we say it has a soft corner in our heart. This has been long awaited on our list, and when it's finally here we are excited to see it on you already. 

The collection is a medley of fabrics made with wool, acrylic, novelty yarns & other fibers. The unique tweed weave gives extra warmth & a coarse feel to the fabric. Covering every classic design from checks, plains, stripes, to double tones & reversible ones, each fabric is a must in your winter wardrobe.

Craft your perfect winter looks with unique blazers, jackets, trench coats, pantsuits, trousers, pencil skirts or just let your creativity loose.

3. Wool Silk

A unique blend of silk & wool with gorgeous floral vines & traditional motifs spread across running length. Smooth & soft textured with a breezy flow & a cozy feel, our Wool Silk fabric is a perfect match for all your exclusive attire, so go on Craft Your Story.

4. Kinkhab Silk

The lovers of royalty most definitely should have this fabric in their wardrobes. Its popularity goes way back to the era of Mughals, when this was considered among the most sought after luxury textiles due to its rich brocade work and motifs woven in gold, silver and silk.

While silk anyway is a good choice for winter, Kinkhab is the way to adorn it like the royals!


5. Mashru Silk

Quiz time! What looks like silk with a slight, smooth feel of cotton? Mashru it is! A beautiful blend of cotton and silk. This is a blessing for those who love cotton too much but only want it custom for winters. And like a cherry on top, our Mashru Silk collection is also adorned with beautiful hand block motifs!

Here you go, wish granted. Now this is also a good choice for winter home décor fabrics for cushions and quilts. Way to go to make a cosy winter space. 

6. Flannel

What is Flannel? It’s not something very commonly heard. Alow us to enlighten you with Flannel. It is a fabric woven with lively dyed cotton yarns & enhanced with brush strokes to give an extra soft feel.

Hmm a Blazer, a Mid heighted skirt or a classy shirt are some options you can explore. I know you want to check it out already ;)


7. Velvet 

The right choice of velvet garment or decor can give one a really classy and rich appeal. It’s considered to be a traditional winter fabric because of its heavy tufts and soft texture. 

Besides, because of that shine, it also stands out. There are a variety of velvet fabrics  in the market. Depending on your taste and budget, you can pick it and customise as you would like to wear. 

Cut out a nice skirt or shirt to be paired with denims and boots. That’s not all, you can also use them for  cushion covers and many other home decor elements. If you’re into bling, a little embroidery or sequins only accentuates the look!

Velvet collection

8. Taffeta

This is another one if you do not like to compromise on quality. An extremely rich luxury fabric, Taffeta is crisp, smooth and goes in silk as well as with rayon and polyester.

Do not be afraid to go all in with bold colors and look for your attire. And you would look just extraordinary and bright with the white winter backdrop.  


9. Denim

Last and definitely not the least, rather a favorite regardless of seasons and trends, Denim it is. New season calls for new ways of living and styling too.

Get yourself handpicked denim fabric cut and stitched to your own style. And what if we told you that now it’s eco-friendly? Well, no kidding. When your favorite fabric of all times goes nature friendly, it is all the more reason to wear it more often. And when that is freshly available in so many prints beyond the regular plains, you might as well get an entire wardrobe made out of it. 

10. Munga Silk

Fabriclore sourced Munga Silk fabric from the state of Banaras. Quite known for its uniqueness. Munga is none less than a masterpiece for your wardrobe. Especially, this is a must have if you are an aesthete who loves to collect the finest of clothing and art alike, because this is both.

By the way, its rarity should not make it difficult for you to have it. We know where to find it. *wink, wink*

Bonus Mention!

Uppada Silk

Ain’t nothing like adorning a beautiful Uppada saree in the winters. This fabric is exquisite because of the calculated weaves and yarns to bring out the texture.

Much loved by the young and old alike, thanks to the emerging fashion trends, you can simply style it in so many ways using blazers, stoles, sweaters and low-key accessories. 


Well, that is all for our picks for the winters. We have the fabrics covered, now the styling is on you. But we bet, with these fabrics, there would barely be a need for any extra on it.

They’re all in themselves that you can ask for! 

Go slay the season!

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Wanlam Kupar Khongwir

Wanlam Kupar Khongwir

I am interested in getting 1) Woolen tweeds and 2) corduroy this winter.



The flannel fabric looks really interesting. Do you also have plain flannel fabrics ?

Kakul Gill

Kakul Gill

I like mashru silk and ajrakh Printing on modal satin

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