How Modern-Day Fashion is Infused with a Taste of Traditional Crafts

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Fashion changes, so do trends, but there is something that remains constant about these changing trends and fashion and that is aesthetics. For many Indian fashion designers today, the means for adding that extra dose of aesthetic is to infuse a certain Indian or traditional element in their works.

There is no denying the fact that fashion today is becoming a kind of monotonous. Following the trend has meant that every other girl is sporting an off-shoulder top or pairing the body-con t-shirt dress with white sneakers. The only way to stand out in this crowd of sameness is to “Indianise” your outfit. It doesn’t mean that one will ditch wearing what is trending, rather what it means is to add that special “wow” factor to your outfit which will keep you trendy and make you look unique. In case you are wondering how to combine these two elements then fret not, these new-age Indian fashion designers will show how is it done. So, sit back and be inspired.

Fusing the Past with the Present - Incorporating Indian Textile & Weaving by Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar’s 2019 Lakme Fashion Week collection is like an epic collaboration between an American and Indian rapper. It was a lesson as to how Indian embroidery and attires can be fashioned in so many diverse ways. Pairing crop top with a heavily embroidered jacket or wearing a deep neck maxi dress with Rajasthani influenced prints. In short, possibilities are endless when one sits down to diversify traditional Indian traditional crafts.

Going Back to the Roots - Gaurang Shah Making Traditional Sexy

Gaurang Shah’s collection at Lakme Fashion Week 2019 was about unapologetically celebrating Indian textiles, crafts, and attires. It reflected beautifully how Indian crafts can be both subtle and extravagant. One of the main attractions of his collection was the regal Paithani sarees. The use of pastel shades with minimalistic embroidery, as well as bright shades with heavy embroidery all was an apt reflection of the diversity of our ancient crafts. So next time you decide on being the showstopper at a gathering or event, know that incorporating Indian element in your look is a sure shot eye-catcher.

Capturing the Magic of Sindh by Rajdeep Ranawat

What happens when you fuse the chicness of boho fashion with the opulence of Mughal art? You get an absolute beauty and that is exactly what Rajdeep Ranawat did at Lakme Fashion Week 2019. He fused the intricate embroidery of the Mughal time period with the Bandhani techniques of Bhuj and traditional weaves of Baluchistan giving the entire ensemble a royal yet earthy look. If your personal style is understated yet bold, you know where to be inspired from.

Reviving the Spirit of Rabari Women by Punit Balana

Punit Balana in his Lakme Fashion Week 2019 was majorly influenced by the Rabari tribe and their embroidery. The designs have been majorly inspired by mythological lores and indigenous life of the people of the tribe which again gives it a very boho look.  The color palette of the entire collection is quite earthy. However, he makes such earthy designs and color fun by fusing it with unique and contemporary cuts and silhouettes making it a fun cocktail that everybody would love.

The Epic Romance Between the Two Worlds Presented by Payal Singhal

Payal Singhal’s collection at the Lakme Fashion Week 2019 was an epic romance between Indian folk art and western designs. The collection was like a breath of fresh air, igniting that gypsy spirit in all of us. Lehengas in pastel shade and fun prints, embroidered jacket with the ripped jeans-the collection was all about adding a fun twist to Indian textile and prints and not to mention, we are definitely sold.

Stanzin Palmo Take us Back as the Mountains Call

Stanzin Palmo is one of the Gen-Next designers to have presented her collection at Lakme Fashion Week 2019 and her collection oozes the rustic mountain charm. She extensively used textile and embroidery that hails from Ladakh, at the same time she imbibed contemporary and modern element in her work which resulted in an absolute masterpiece. Her work truly opened our eyes to the gigantic range of Indian traditional crafts and how magic can be created when they are fused with elements from the contemporary era.

Pinnacle of Sophistication - Phulkari Imbibed by Amit Aggarwal

Amit Aggarwal ‘s Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2018 collection is like the Indian millennial who may upload Instagram stories about zucchini pan-fried noodles but crave that homemade rajma chawal too. The collection carries a certain edge and sleekness which screams sophistication but that induced Phulkari elements make it so much more unique. These apparels can make heads turn as easily at a formal business party as it can at a wedding reception. 

Marketing Opulence- Zardozi Incorporated by Monisha Jaising

Monisha Jaisingh’s “Shades of a Diva’, a collection that was showcased at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive show 2018 demonstrated how the extravagance of the east can be fused with the minimalism of the west. The sarees and lehengas of this collection have such bling to them that they might not look out of place even at a wedding cocktail party. Safe to say the Indianness just adds the right dose of drama to this sleek collection.

The Quirky Side of Tradition Fusing Warli and Tribal Embroidery by Masaba Gupta

Masaba Gupta’s collection at Lakme Fashion Week 2017 was synonymous to taking a classic Indian sweet like “Nolen Gur” or jaggery and turning it into something contemporary and universal like Nolen gur flavored cold coffee. The lehengas were given a flowy element, pastel shades were used, and the overall effect was a look that would be so soothing for the eyes, a perfect mehndi look if we can say so.

Paramparik Karigars Making Traditions Fun & Fashionable

Paramparik karigar, an association craftsperson beautifully demonstrated at the Lakme Fashion Week 2017 as to how beautiful can the confluence between western fashion and eastern handicrafts look like. The gowns with its Indian tie and dye work will be perfect for your next Sunday brunch. Or if you are feeling a little more adventurous you can dare to pair your regular saree with a sexy top instead of a blouse just as they demonstrated. So next time you think Indian traditional crafts are boring, think twice.


Gen-Next Designers Globalizing Indian Textile & Handicrafts

Jajabor was cofounded by Neelanjan Ghosh and Kanika Sachdev and they were a part of the Lakme Fashion Week 2018 Gen-Next lineup. Their work appeals to the boho spirit in all of us. It is quirky fun yet the extensive use of Indian textiles as well as the embroidery cannot be missed. Who would have thought that teaming a pair of denim shorts with an oversized shirt with tribal prints can become such a unique style statement.

Reinventing the Oriental Opulence- Imbibing Silver-Gold Mukaish & Pitta Work by Payal Shinghal

Payal Singhal’s Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort collection of 2017 collection is the epitome of the romance between Indian elements and global designs. It’s so interesting to see how a lehenga can be beautifully designed with Indian metallic embroidery yet keeping it minimal enough to pair it with a sequin top. Or even the fact that an off-shoulder crop top and midi skirt can be a completely out of the box look if they are adorned with Indian embroidery. Such amalgamation makes us want to break our bank and lay claim on them already.

As they say fashion changes, but the style is eternal. India has always been a torchbearer when it comes to setting fashion trends! Indian fabrics and embroidery have been the envy of many and even today we see a renewed interest in India’s traditional “fashion norms”. The way handlooms are being fashioned into making trendy jumpsuits and trousers or the way saree in its different styles and “avatars” is taking over various global fashion events show that Indian aesthetics is eternal. And when this aesthetics is fused with contemporary “in trend” elements, magic is created. Create your magic with Fabriclore’s Artisanal range of fabrics, dupattas, stoles, sarees and unstitched suits.

Authored by: Sreetama Chakraborty

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