Trendy Men's Shirts That Are Perfect For You!

Trendy Men's Shirts That Are Perfect For You!

Monsoon, sweets & festivities - It is the best time to exchange gifts, go shopping & eat sweets. The month of August has dedicated its calendar dates to festivities & meanwhile I came across a beautiful short story of traditional fabric of Rajasthan that is Leheriya. That story made me hop on to deciding my outfit for festivals & I found a few fantastic leheriya & bandhani fabrics at Fabriclore.  

I checked my calendar again & realized that soon enough my brother is going to come home for festivals & mom had asked me to buy a shirt for him. I am a big follower of Street Style around the world & so I decided to get my brother a custom-made shirt that is trendy in fashion & also give out some traditional Vibes. I know my brother will love trying out something different & breaking his fashion mold.  So a boring plain shirt is already out of the picture? And the trending prints of the season are a bit boho & animal prints, perhaps I should try a mix of both. Let me take you through the journey of a perfect trendy shirt for my brother.

Trendy Shirt Fabrics
  • Boho Patch

The Boho patch is a universal style, meaning that men can also enjoy the chic-cool look without literal efforts. With the inspiration of bohemian icons such as Johnny Depp and Lenny Kravitz, these fashion lovers curate their own style that blends well with everything without any hassle. From floral prints to skinny denim, from retro wear to printed pants, men have an immense number of boho-patch options to style their wardrobe.

Boho Patch
  • Animal Print

Study shows animal prints give a sense of power & luxury which makes it a desiring style around the world. Well, carrying animal print can sometimes be a little tricky to pull off. Will he be able to pull off this bold style which for the most part is not suitable for everyone and for every occasion? Taking an easier route for him, I can get an animal print that is less in-your-face like tiger’s skin but trendier & funky animal prints that are available at Fabriclore. What’s better with these funky prints, is that they are available in a variety of hand block fabrics, adding brownie points for being handcrafted.

Animal Print
  • Ikat

The love for ikat is surely eternal which is evident from the contemporary look that all fashion brands are darting with. After its long usage in making women’s apparel lately, many brands have been spotted experimenting with Ikat to design men’s wear and accessories like shirts, hats, jackets, shoes, and so on. I can add a little apparel accessory along for an extra dose of love.

Ikat Fabric

  • Craft: Kantha

A plain shirt yet not-so-plain with the traditional Kantha. The running stitch of Kantha on cotton fabric gives a graceful texture to the apparel that is an ideal form to elevate a plain shirt. Kantha fabrics look stunning with a little traditional print, making it supreme for a Chinese collared shirt, giving an option of being both traditional & classic themed shirts for men.

Craft: Kantha
  • Flannel Shirt: For the fall

Be it a spot in new york or an Indian festive gathering, Autumn will always be the best season for flannel shirts. It is kind of an essential shirt for the season, the reason being its making - the fiber, a tight weaving technique & the brushed feel. Mainly wool or cotton are used to make this shirt enhancing its softness, warmth & comfort. A flannel shirt has always been a favorite shirt for many men since the ’90s.

Flannel Shirt: For the fall

There is no question that I now have a few stunning options in fabric to choose from & customize an amazing shirt for my brother along with a few fabric accessories. My stress is now released & I am already planning out my looks that I can create by stealing this funky, loose & gorgeous shirt that I am going to give him but obviously, it’ll remain a gender-fluid piece of clothing.

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