Ladies, Next Time You Go Shopping For Work-Wear, Check Out These Style

Ladies, Next time you go shopping for work-wear, you might want to check out these style ideas!! - Fabriclore

Our workplace holds utmost importance in our life because it is a place where we spend most of our waking hours. When we are so keen to flaunt our style at any place we go and even at home, then why compromise with the work-wear look?

Office spaces are the place to make a style statement with formal wear which can help us ladies to flaunt our style & also follow any strict formal attire code that our companies may follow.

Many fashion designers are experimenting with formal looks today, so why go for the same trousers and pants? Let's revamp our wardrobe by adding style-statement-worthy outfit varieties.

There are many exciting looks that we can create with handcrafted fabrics. Let us dive into this blog which will help us in hand picking a few ideas to not only flaunt our style at the workplace but to even add comfort to your workwear clothingSo let’s get started. 

Flair up Your Workwear Trousers

Perfect for all seasons, flared trousers are definitely back in trend this season. If you want to flaunt your waist curves, then flared trousers are definitely your pick. For summer, you can simply pair any contrasting top with these trousers and the look is complete.

And these trousers would do wonders in many fabrics – Cotton, Corduroy, Loom textured, even Velvet.

For winter, cover up the look with an overcoat or simply a quilted jacket. These trousers can also be a perfect replacement for denim as they look great in both printed and plain fabrics.

Flair up Your Workwear Trousers

Tip - If you are heading for a formal meeting, simply tuck in your shirts with the high-waisted flared trousers and cover them up with a blazer. Carry a statement bag with this look to make an ever-lasting impression.

A Comfortable Formal Look

As it is said, comfort comes first. For those of you who still feel formal trousers can never give you the same ease as your denim, then we have the perfect workwear look for you.

Simply pair your dark-colored denim – maybe dark blue or black with a classic top and a contrasting blazer. And this would give you the same formal look as a business suit would.

A Comfortable Formal Look

You also have a chance of experimenting with different prints for the blazer & footwear. Stilettos, shoes, and even your favorite pencil heels would go perfectly with this look.

The Traditional Printed Blazers With Contemporary Touch

Something that might interest you are the variety of blazer options that are now available for us girls. Gone are the days of wearing just black blazers because of the huge variety of fabrics available today and especially the handloom, you can create infinite styles of work-wear blazers.

Have you ever heard of the Power suit? Well, it is what we call pants suits these days. It will give your confidence a boost along with the questions of where you got it from.

The Traditional Printed Blazers With Contemporary Touch

While a lot of branded pant suits might put a hole in your pocket, a tailor-made one will not just add choices & creativity, it will also make people's jaws drop too. Go for plain or printed, either way, you'll don the boss lady look.


The Ethnic Kurtas

A kurta with palazzos, pants, or churidars is a perfect contemporary and formal look for you. We know there are times when you are in the mood to wear ethnic to your workplace but find it difficult to handle a dupatta for 9 to 5 working hours. Don’t worry, just ditch it while staying elegant & classy!

With so many different prints and fabrics available today, we can just add variety to our wardrobe with Long flowy kurtas, straight long kurtas, short kurtas, etc. Go for prints that would suit your personality. 

The Ethnic Kurtas

Tip- Indigo prints are always in vogue & can be paired up with your denim too. If you're the boho kind, we suggest you go for Ajrak print fabric.

Go Monochrome

Black and white is one look that can never go wrong for any workwear. No matter if it’s an office party you are heading to or a work meeting. The Black trousers-shirt look is so versatile that it still looks as graceful as it did 50 years back.

Go Monochrome

The key is how to make it contemporary. Play with different fabrics for designing your shirt – be it Crepe, Cotton, Linen, Georgette, Satin, etc. and add a punch with the styling of the collar and buttons.

Accessorize Your Office Wear

No matter how simple the outfit is, accessories can add a sense of embellishment to any look. But you need to be very careful in choosing the right accessories for your workwear. Of course, sometimes we do want to be decked up even for our workplace but ladies be careful. As much as they can do wonders for your work-wear look, they can also make you look a bit extra dressed up.

Dainty Jewelry should be your pick for a workwear look. A simple bracelet and pendant chain would look great.

Don't forget the classic watches! A perfect replacement for any other accessories. So, if you believe in a minimal look, watches are something you can carry. They not only make you look swanky but you can also create your own style statement.

Accessorize Your Office Wear

Now that we have all the tips & tricks for quick and contemporary workwear looks that will help you add variety to your wardrobe. Feel free to create your own style, just remember to be subtle and not loud while honing your confident personality.


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