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Traditional To Modern Day Fashion In Egypt

Traditional To Modern Day Fashion In Egypt

Egypt, the city of aesthetic monuments and rich culture, is influencing the Egypt fashion sense of itself as well as of others. The specialty of their clothes is that they are crafted not only for fashion but also according to the climate, as these regions are very hot. To protect from sunburns different clothes are according to them, but in them also various styles are invented. 

Traditional to Modern-day fashion in Egypt

Let’s have a look at how fashion has evolved!

Traditional clothing

Today also in Egypt traditional dresses are worn on special occasions, to stay in touch with the roots of culture. They were made of linen or cotton in black or white color, with extraordinary embroidery which represented one’s family name and origin. Moreover, the traditional dress of men is called shemagh also known as a keffiyeh. It is generally like a scarf that covers the head and shoulders to have some relief from extreme heat and desert storms.     

From past to present for women, hijabs are a traditional part of clothing. Mostly they are won in mosques and churches. Although now it is not mandatory they can wear it according to their will.  

Traditional Clothing

Clothes according to seasons

In summer loose clothes are preferred made from organic fabrics such as cotton or linen. Furthermore, light colors are used in clothing as dark colors attract more heat. 

Clothes according to seasons summer

On the other hand, if summers are extremely hot then winters are too. So layers are used to stay warm, mostly fleece is used as it traps the heat. 

Clothes according to seasons winter

Unisex clothing

Galabiya is a long loose-fitting shirt-type cloth woman by both men and women. They are often white in collar and have embroidered collars. But these days it is available in almost all colors. The only difference is that men wear them with belts whereas, women wear them without them. 

Unisex clothing

Western-style clothing

Although traditional dresses are still very much in use by everyone, now people have started to go with the trend. And now when men go off to their workplaces, they prefer wearing modern style attires such as trousers, patterns, suits, and many more. 

In addition, women go for tunics, pants, tops, suits, and many others. Hijab, Abaya, Tarha, and more are traditional dresses but these days the style has upgraded and they are carried out with western outfits. From heavy embroidery or other embellishments to subtle looks, designers have crested clothing with a bit of modern touch so that everyone stays up-to-date with the latest trends. 

Western-style clothing




How do people in Egypt dress today?

Along with modern dresses for instance pants, trousers, dresses, tops, suits o traditional wear such as galabiya, keffiyeh, tunics, jibbaah, the thobe, and many more. Everything is worn according to the place and occasion. 

Is it OK to wear shorts in Egypt?

Although people are slowly changing their lifestyles there is still time till they’ll accept wearing shorts women. Men can wear shorts but still, there are some codes according to which women cannot. 

What is the most popular clothing in Egypt?

Kaftans are the most popular clothing in Egypt. It is a long loose clothing, open from the front with long sleeves. And amongst men, keffiyeh and galabia are famous.  

What do men wear in modern-day Egypt?

Men these days for daily wear go for jeans, pants, shirts, t-shirts, shorts, everything that others are wearing these days It is just on occasions that they wear traditional clothes. 


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