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All About Sustainable Fabric - Fabriclore

When we say fashion, all we think about is style, and glamor rather than sustainability or ethics. 

Ever wondered, what do fashion, styling, and clothes have to do with sustainability? 

Turns out that the fashion industry is responsible for around 10 percent of the world's annual emission of carbon. It is amongst the most polluting and waste-generating industries. 

Here are some fabrics that are most sustainable and eco-friendly in nature with which you can style your wardrobe differently.

So let’s get started!

Organic Cotton

The future is not just in your hands but literally in the dress you wear!

You can find organic cotton that's all-natural and recyclable and highly Sustainable.

How is that possible?

Organic cotton is the most natural fabric presently. It is grown without any fertilizer or pesticides. 

Organic cotton has microbes-resistant power, softness, durability, strength, breathability, and many more great characteristics. Every time the fabric is washed with cold water it gets softer and softer while maintaining its quality of static. 

You can use organic cotton for maternity clothes, baby clothes, mattress protectors, and more.

Organic Cotton Fabric

Kala Cotton 

Do you know that Kala cotton is purely rain-fed? That saves so much water! It also has a high tolerance for both diseases and pests. 

We don't need artificial fertilizers, or  manure but still we will be able to buy 

  • Shirts 
  • Dresses
  • Kurtis 
  • Stoles
  • Dresses

And so much more.

All natural and pure!

Kala Cotton

Bamboo Fabric

Is bamboo a great alternative to all the artificial fabrics out there?

Definitely! But why bamboo?

Bamboo uses up carbon dioxide from trees, it decays real fast and thrives with just rainfall water and also bamboo grows really really fast making it one of a kind. Isn’t it cool?

You can use bamboo fibers in making socks, bath suits, sanitary materials like masks, surgical cloths, etc. 

For households, you can use bamboo as sofa covers, television covers, and so on. 

Bamboo Fabric


Linen is one of the most biodegradable and stylish fabrics in fashion history. It is strong, naturally moth resistant, and made from flax plant fibers, so when untreated it is fully biodegradable.

When to wear linen, summer or winter? Mostly linen can be worn in winter but can also be sometimes seen worn in summer. 

Throughout summer you might require a light crop top made of linen or a palazzo pant of linen but when the weather turns cold you can style your wardrobe with a woolen cardigan over a linen t-shirt or pair a linen dress with a turtleneck underneath.

Pretty, right?

So, these were some of the top organic fabrics that you can get your hands on now. 

Organic-Linen Fabric

By filling your wardrobe with our latest collection of sustainable fabrics you can make a difference for a better environment and ofcourse make a unique style statement. 

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