British Fashion Designers

Sneak-Peak Of British Fashion Designers

Sneak-Peak Of British Fashion Designers

It is almost every child’s fantasy to go for further studies in the United Kingdom, as it is the leader of fashion education in the world. Also, its culture, aesthetic historic attractions, mesmerizing landscapes, and arts will melt your heart. Moreover, London Fashion Week is one of the main attractions for all fashion lovers, also it is one of the big four fashion weeks. Influential trends for the next season and designs of the latest haute couture shows are born here. Currently, there are many prominent designers belonging to the United Kingdom, that have given a new perspective to the fashion industry.  

Notorious Designers With A Vision 

Vivienne Westwood


Vivienne-Westwood (1)

Vivienne Westwood is an English fashion designer and a businesswoman, who brings out modern punk and new-wave fashion into the limelight. In 2008, a film named Sex and the City was released, in which Carrie wears a wedding dress designed by her. Almost everyone admired the dress and it was known as the movie’s most iconic feature. Later on, the dress was set up for being sold, and within no time it was taken. 

Vivienne-Westwood_1 (1)

After this, there was no stepping back and her collection took a level up. Westwood’s corsets and other attires became essential things in the closets of unexpected audiences like Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian. This year in the Spring 2022 Ready-To-Wear collection she took a look back on one of her favorite 1998s spring collections. Which was concerned with sustainability and eco-friendly attires, it was her first time when there was no use of synthetic fabrics. In addition, the collection consisted of laser prints on denim, crisp sweater vests, nautical stripes with a chunky look, printed sweatshirts, and cotton tracksuit pants. The collection was a wholesome vibe of the early 80s.      

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

Paul McCartney is a famous singer-songwriter and photographer whose daughter is Stella McCartney, who is a fashion designer. It is no doubt a girl belonging to a talented family is filled with creativity. Around thirteen years of age, Stella designed her first jacket, and after three years she started doing an internship at Christian Lacroix. And it was the time when she did her first haute couture ever. In the year 1997, she was named the creative director of Chloé and continued working there till 2001. Later on, she opened her fashion house, under her name. The brand was in a joint venture with Gucci Group moreover, she then presented her collection in Paris. Further, the brand started to spread like fire in the year 2003 she launched her first perfume and in 2007 skincare line.


This year her love for mushrooms was visible easily, as in Paris Fashion Week her Spring 2022 Ready-To-Wear was full of it. Dresses were made in the shape of swimsuits expanded into slinky skirts, and lean jumpsuits. Moreover, the color scheme was also full of energetic, sexy, and quite dramatic feels. The thought behind making this collection was to have a vision for the house of Stella’s future. She describes it as the beginning of something new.            

Paul Smith


Paul Smith is a perfect example of upward mobility. When he was around twenty-four years old, he started selling clothes and barely earned thirty-five pounds. And today after fifty years his name is a global luxury brand. Not only this, but there is something more, he is the only global designer who is independent, and even the Italian designer Giorgio Armani has also partnerships. Later in the year 1979, his first store was opened in Covent Garden, London. In the 1990s printed photographs on fabric started. This was reflected in Paul’s love for photography as the earl prints were done by him. Photographs included mostly nature like apples, flowers, acorns, clouds, and ivy-colored walls. But the print that became famous was of a plate of spaghetti.  


This year his Spring 2022 Ready-To-Wear collection revolved around the colors of his happy place, which were derived from sunflower and midsummer. The collection was simple yet alluring, and many garments included prints on shirts and skirts.        

Victoria Beckham


An English fashion singer and television personality Victoria Beckham has also made her name in the field fashion industry, by being a prominent fashion designer. She opened her high-profile label in the year 2008, and an affordable label in the year 2011. Moreover, the label was named the brand of UK in the year 2012.  Before opening her label she did catwalks in London and Milan Fashion Week for reputed brands like Maria Grachvogel, Roberto Cavalli, and more. In addition, she has also been the face of many cove magazines, for instance, Vogue, Vogue India, Vogue Paris, and many other editions. When she started her label at that time along with fashion she also expanded its dimensions to handbags, eyewear, and fragrances. Her collection has also been showcased in London and New York Fashion Week


Recently this year, Victoria Beckham merged her two lines to make them more affordable. The collection included pajama suits, sequined skirts, and little black dresses from the Spice Girls giving them a new touch. The collection focused on wearing lightweight clothes and with that showing off a little skin and looking more feminine.  

Simone Rocha


Creativity runs in the blood!

Simone Rocha is an Irish fashion designer and daughter of John Rocha who is also a famous designer. She launched her first graduate collection in the year 2010 at London Fashion Week. After this, she was named the Young Designer of the year in 2014 by Harper’s Bazaar. Moreover, she was also named the womenswear designer of the year in 2016 at the British Fashion Awards. 


This year she launched a new collection based on the themes of new life, a new beginning, and tenderness. Her collection consisted of enormous dresses with broderie Anglaise, lace, and tulles. To add some luxury to the looks, skirts were made of satin ribbons with heads crowned with pearls. Likewise, she made coats with fabrics that looked antique eiderdowns with subtle shade brocades. The color palette chosen represented the happy and some dark sides of giving birth to a child. For instance, light shades represented happy moments and darker shades represented the darker side of giving birth. 

Grace Wales Bonner 

Grace Wales Bonner

Grace is a British fashion designer, who creates designs that have a blend of cultural luxury and European heritage with an Afro-Atlantic spirit. Her designs are a blend of sportswear and tailoring, as well as she has redefined daily wear into elegant clothing. She opened her label in the year 2014 which focused specifically on menswear. The label has been awarded many prestigious awards some of which are, the British Fashion Award in 2015 for emerging menswear designers. And LVMH Young Designer Prize in 2016, Winner of the British Fashion Council, and Vogue Designer Fashion Fund in 2019. Furthermore, she was also awarded CFDA International Men’s Designer of the year 2021, and like this, the list goes on. 


In her Spring 2023 menswear collection, a stupendous show was put up. The collection focused on bringing back the nostalgic feeling with an upgraded version for the future. Moreover, the womenswear dresses were made with hand-made glass beads, and also jerseys were heat-dried. For menswear, she used cashmere and camel hair in Sheppard-cut tailoring. Overall it was something hybrid as many crafts were done with the help of small artisans. 


Who is the most famous fashion designer in the UK?

Although there are many famous designers still the top five are Molly Goddard, Saul Nash, Vivienne Westwood, GraceWales Bonner, and Stella McCartney. 

Why the UK is best for studying fashion design?

The United Kingdom is the best place for studying fashion design as it provides a global understanding of the overall fashion industry. 


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