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Cotton Voile Fabric - Fabriclore

Cotton Voile Fabric

What is Cotton Voile Fabric? Voile is 100% cotton & cotton blends. Voile is a semi-transparent fabric and is available in a variety of patterns and colors. It is multiple layered fabric worn...

CottonGauze Cotton Fabric - Fabriclore

Gauze Cotton Fabric

What is Gauze Cotton?ย  Cotton gauze is a lightweight fabric made of cotton. It is made ofย  plain weave or by a leno weave. ย In technical terms "gauze" is a weave structure in which the weft yarns ...

CottonGingham Cotton - Fabriclore

Gingham Cotton

What is Gingham?ย  Gingham is a plain fabric woven into stripes and checkers.ย  The effect of color and pattern is given either by carded or combed yarns. It is mostly made of cotton or cotton bl...

CottonCotton Satin Fabric - Fabriclore

Cotton Satin Fabric

What is Cotton Satin?ย  Cotton Satin is a smooth and flowy fabric. Due to the presence of satin fibers, it is light and has a subtle sheen. The smooth texture of the fabric makes a great base for i...

CottonCotton Silk - Fabriclore

Cotton Silk

What is Cotton Silk? Cotton Silk fabric is a hybrid kind of fabric that is made from cotton and silk.ย  Even though it does not belong to any particular fabric culture, it is still widely accepted ...

CottonKala Cotton Fabric

Kala Cotton Fabric

What is Kala Cotton? ย  Kala cotton is a type of organic cotton which is grown in the Kutch area of Bhuj district (Gujarat) It is considered as a genetically pure cotton compared to other industr...

cottonLinen Fabric

Linen Fabric

What is linen Fabric? Similar to cotton, linen fiber is obtained from flax plants but rather than extracting from cotton seed it is done from stems. Flax fiber-based linen fabric is predominantly ...

CottonCotton Fabric

Cotton Fabric

What is Cotton Fabric? Cotton is the most widely used fabric which is extracted from cotton plants and is an extremely versatile fabric.ย  In order to create a durable fabric, it is spun to yarn an...