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Taslan Fabric

Taslan Fabric

What is Taslan Fabric  A contemporary, cutting-edge polyester fabric is called Taslan. Nuva, a material with comparable characteristics, is applied as a coating on the basic polyester. This render...

FashionTapestry Fabric

Tapestry Fabric

What is Tapestry Fabric  Tapestry is a finely woven cloth with several colours used to form a design or pattern, frequently made by hand, This is made by weaving coloured threads together in a pat...

FabricRipstop Fabric Wiki Banner

Ripstop Fabric

What is Ripstop Fabric Ripstop is a nylon threaded material and popularly known as sport material. This is a lightweight woven fabric that is majorly used for sports activities such as parachute, ...

ClothingRubber Fabric Wiki Banner Image

Rubber Fabric

What is Rubber Fabric  Rubber or rubber coating fabric is a  elastic material that is present in various goods of daily life, It is a material that is produced by naturally from plants majorly lat...

ClothingRattan Fabric

Rattan Fabric

What is Rattan Fabric  Rattan fabric is made from a flowering plant in the palm family, Rattan is a versatile and eco-friendly fibre. As a natural fibre with a lot of pliability, rattan may be wov...